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Our Mission:

TabletRaven strives to educate you in all aspects of tablet technology and provide you the lifestyle choices that will bring you the greatest experience of owning a new tablet.

The benefits of tablet ownership over desktop or notebooks are numerous, although there may be a learning curve.

In everything we do, we aim to fulfill our mission to serve our customers by creating uncompromising value, fantastic deals, and the very best tablet education possible. Every step of the way, we are guided by our core values of trust and respect for all. Without that we have nothing.

Our Motto: We Eat, Sleep and Breathe Tablets!!

Every morning, TabletRaven scans for the latest tablet videos, news stories, and feeds and selects only the highest quality reviews, unboxing’s and comparisons for your viewing pleasure. No more searching on your part to find the very latest information on every tablet in the marketplace.

We have many trusted sources of awesome videos that will make your stay here VERY ENJOYABLE! The marketplace (YOU) have demanded a resource where you can find everything you need to make a wise tablet choice and also a place you can always find help before, during, and AFTER your purchase.homepage

How are we different from other technology sites that focus on tablets?

1. We regularly post Updates at the top of each review so you can stay abreast of any changes that might affect your purchase decision. Most other tablet sites are “one and done” reviews.

For example, when there is a major operating system upgrade available for a tablet that was released 6 months ago, we update the review! Significant price drop? We update the review? Discontinued? We update the review! Newer model available? We point you to the latest model review!

Examples: When a newer operating system refresh (i.e. Android “JellyBean”) was made available to an older model tablet that shipped with “Ice Cream Sandwich;” or the impending Windows 8.1 release of Windows tablets, which made the older model more valuable, than when originally purchased and can now be purchased for a huge discount!

2. We publish an awesome weekly newsletter that will bring you the following:

  • Links to everything we published the previous week in every area.
  • All of the latest information on every tablet that is currently shipping (i.e., free upgrades, new software, new accessories).
  • Significant Price Drops as they happen. For example, just within the last two weeks the Galaxy Note 2 experienced a 29% price reduction and Microsoft reduced the prices on the Surface Pro line BY AS MUCH AS 80% for students!
  • The TabletRaven site COMES ALIVE when you subscribe. All of the training resources are available to you, including video’s and articles. Also, Tutorials and training on software, hardware and operating systems and software. And, as an extra bonus, we list forums available for your device.
  • The latest trends in tablet technology and how they affect you.
  • Invites to Webinars and Google Hangout’s where you can ask us any questions you wish.
  • Lists of upgrades available and how to get them, install and configure them.
  • Tips and Tricks on how to be more productive than you ever thought possible.
  • Discounts on major software purchases we make through our vendor partner network.

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How to Use TabletRaven:

Its EASY!! Start by reading the action plan below and the associated articles. Then move on to the Reviews Section by clicking “Reviews” in the top menu bar.

 10 Step Action Plan:

WAIT!!! WHY AN ACTION PLAN? It is very easy to make a wrong decision on a tablet purchase. There are many things to consider before making an informed decision and your future tablet happiness depends on the homework you do now.

Most tablet websites just provide a mind numbing list of numbers related to hardware types. We not only give you the numbers but more importantly we provide you the lifestyle questions and answers that will make your table purchase decision easy and without anxiety.

Here is the 10 Step Action Plan you should follow for making an informed decision that you can live with: for the life of your tablet.

We Eat, Sleep and Breathe Awesome Tablets|

Tablets at TabletRaven

1. Who will be using this tablet? Just you? Or you and your family? Or you and your brother or sister? You and your children? Many tablets have limited options on multi-use. Click and read the article on “Tablet Multi User – The Top 10 Things you NEED TO KNOW”

2. What will be your primary purpose for obtaining a tablet? Is this for school, work or play? Or a combination of all three? Are you a corporate user? Think about that for a while and be sure to read the informative article “Top 10 Types of Tablet Users”.

3. What types of computer, TV, and internet devices do you or your family already own? This is important if you want all of your devices to play nicely together. If they are all different technologies, then you may find yourself in a rut a few weeks after your purchase. Read the article on ” Household Device Management” for further information.

4. Is this a PC or Notebook replacement? If so, you will need to transfer all of your programs and data from the old device to your new tablet. We will have many articles in the near future that will walk you through that process.

5. Are you a student living away from home? Does your High School, College or University recommend a certain type of tablet? Many campuses will not allow you to connect your device to the campus network if they feel you are using an insecure tablet or what that has an incompatible OS (Operating System). Within a few weeks we will have a whole section of our site on the best laptops for college students.

6. Will you be using this in a trade (such as construction or in any type of hard hat environment) that may have harsh chemicals or is generally considered to be tough on electronic devices? If so, check out our Tough As Nails article.

7. Are you, or will you, be a power user? Most students or folks in sales might say no, but do you need to handle video projection or video creation? The article on “You May Be a Tablet Power User If…” is a good resource to read if you aren’t sure.

8. How will you protect your tablet? How will you keep it safe? Click and read the article on “How to Keep Your Tablet Safe (from falls, spills, malware, viruses, theft and prying eyes)”.

9. What type of accessories are “must haves” for every tablet? You will be surprised at the answers! Especially if you live in a cold climate!

10. What training will you need to learn all of the features and software on your new tablet? TabletRaven aims to have ALL of your software and hardware training resources available with just a few clicks!

We have many hidden areas on our site which contain many hours of training videos on how to get the most out of your tablets hardware and software.


Why Compare the Best Tablet PC’s?

Tablets types are just as different as apples and oranges. Some are built around entire household or enterprise ecosystems. Some are completely standalone and have no need to participate in a larger ecosystem.

For example, a tablet like the IPad uses the Apple IOS operating system which plays nice with all other Apple products, but not very well on the corporate enterprise networks without a lot of “non-user friendly” tweaking. While other tablets, such as the Surface Pro, use the Microsoft Windows operating system, and still others like the Kindle and Galaxy Pro use the Android operating systems.

Other considerations are size, weight, memory, battery life, and of course tablet price. Not only do you want to compare different brand tablets, but also compare different models from the same manufacturer.


How to Find the Best Tablet for You

Our telling you which is the best tablet for you is like us telling you which car to buy or what kind of workout plan to use. Since everyone has different wants and needs, there isn’t one tablet we can recommend that meets all your needs.

What we suggest is reading all of the articles mentioned above and taking notes. As you read, write down what is important to you and any questions that come to mind.

For example, if the weight is most important, write it down. Maybe the article “You May Be a Tablet Power User If!” convinces you that you need at least 64 Gig of memory to run Photoshop efficiently. You would then add “memory requirement” to your notes. Continue in this way until you have read all the 10 action plan articles. Click on the appropriate menus at the top or the right hand sidebars to find the perfect tablet reviews to watch that meet your needs. Each of the tablets and accessories we carry also provide excellent Amazon and TabletRaven user reviews to help solidify your purchase decision.

For some people, finding the best tablet will simply boil down to price. If this is you, then first determine how much you can spend. Use the pricing menu. So if you can only spend $400, find all tablets that are $400 or under and then start comparing tablets from that point on using your list.


What Tablet Specs to Compare

All tablets are going to have somewhat similar specifications; some will matter more than others.

Below, are listed the most important tablet specs, for the long-run, to compare one tablet to another:


Weight: The weight of a tablet is important. You will want to hold your tablet easily while in use, and travel with your device. The heavier the device, the quicker you will get tired, and have to switch hands. This is especially important if you’re considering a device that solely uses a touch screen.

Size: The dimensions of a tablet will affect a couple of things. The taller or wider that a tablet is, the larger screen the device will likely have, and the higher resolution your device will be able to support. The size of the device also affects the weight and other aspects of the device.

Battery Life: The battery life is how long the tablet will last before the device shuts off. Keep in mind too that certain features will run the battery down faster than others (Internet, videos, and interactive media). You also want to consider how long the tablet takes to fully charge, especially if the battery dies quicker than other on devices.


The memory of a tablet is how much storage or how many files and other information can be kept on it at one time. There are a couple things to look for:

First, how much built-in memory does the tablet have? Some devices have as little as 8 gigs which equals about 2500 songs; while others have as much as 64 GB, or over 20,000 songs (depending on size of the audio files). Many tablets give you the ability to expand the memory to as much as 128 GB or more using an external memory card.


Operating System: There are several operating systems or application models available in tablet PC’s. The Apple IPad tablets use a variant of the Mac operating system which is commonly referred to as IOS.


iOS (previously iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. Originally unveiled in 2007 for the iPhone

Other tablets use a windows based operating system much like your home PC or Laptop. One such tablet family is the budget friendly Acer Iconia line of tablets that use the Windows 8 Operating System.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is a series of graphical interface operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft . (GUI Microsoft Windows

The other popular platform is the Android operating system, which has several versions ranging from the Android 2.2 (Froyo), used by earlier Viewsonic tablets, to Android 4.2 (commonly referred to as Jelly Bean), used by the current Asus MemoPad family.

Android (operating system)

Android is a Linux -based operating system designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphone s and tablet computer s.

Smartphones and tablet computers:

Picking the right operating system for your needs can be a big decision that requires research.


All of the major tablets on the market today come with Internet capabilities. One version would be “Wi-Fi” only. You can access the Internet, but you’ll have to be near a wireless connection to do so. The second version would be a 4G or Wi-Fi+4G or the latest “LTE” where you can access the Internet from anywhere, much like a cell phone. Some devices with 3G or 4G capabilities do not charge for the Internet.

The list of tablet features is too long to list here, although we do cover them at length in our articles and also a summary of features on the Features page.

You can find tablets with the ability to play and download media such as movies, music, and games. Current tablets can quickly and easily surf and stream web content, as well as other handy features.

Here is a short list of feature topics covered elsewhere on our website:

  • Tablet types
  • Multi-user ready
  • Display size
  • Display resolution
  • Number of camera’s
  • Camera resolutions (front and back)
  • Multitouch (5 or 10 point)
  • Number of processor cores
  • Processor speeds
  • Processor type
  • Graphics processor
  • Micro SD slots
  • Bluetooth versions
  • GPS
  • Stylus Ready
  • Memory Capacity
  • Flash Size
  • Connectivity types (2g through LTE)
  • Waterproof
  • Toughness
  • Battery life
  • Weight
  • Brand
  • Durability
  • condition (new, Used, refurbished
  • Warranties
  • Accessories

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